GEOINT Solutions

Masego solves your most immediate GEOINT problem with our suite of our 

GEOINT solutions

Human Geography

Masego has individuals with over 10 years of experience in the emerging field of Human Geography with subject matter expertise in Africa, Russia, China and Middle East.

Geospatial analysis

Masego’s Geospatial Analysis experts map historically dangerous areas of a city or region so you can protect
convoys, help recover missing soldiers and successfully sketch the best approach routes.

imagery analysis

Masego’s Imagery Analysis service enable you to make rapid decisions to save lives and accomplish the mission.

full motion video

Masego is the premier provider of FMV analytic services to the intelligence community. Masego personnel work 24/7/365 supporting our nation’s most dynamic and diverse ISR missions.


  • Activity Based Intelligence (ABI)
  • Human Geography
  • Imagery Analysis & Full Motion Video
  • IT and Cyber
  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)
  • Joint Enterprise Modeling Analytics (JEMA)
  • Geospatial Collection Managment 
  • Training and Technical Writing

Past Perfomance

  • NGA – Agile training contract – PRIME
  • NGA – Mentor Protege Program Awardee 2018
  • NGA – MACCS – Sub
  • NGA – MOJAVE – Sub
  • NGA – HD-TAT – Sub
  • NGA – Raptor
  • NGA – GIMS NEXT – Sub
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – Sub
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