activity based intelligence

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Masego ABI Training: ABI analysts and trainers deliver a five-day highly technical programming course originally developed for NGA. The course teaches lean development techniques using XP (Extreme Programming) concepts. It is structured around an immersive scenario (tailored for your personnel) so that students can understand how to develop software applications that address your agency’s mission.

The current asymmetric war environment allows the enemy to blend in with population undetected. Analysis that helps disambiguate the enemy from the population is vital to the mission. In teaming with the premier ABI experts and software developers to bring an ABI solution tailored to your agency’s specific needs, you can save lives.

Learning objectives:

  • Implement entity extraction techniques using Natural Language Processing
  • Standardize and automate the creation of geotemporal and relational metadata sets
  • Apply contemporary analysis techniques to Big Data
  • Implement performant spatiotemporal search strategies
  • Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) operations on structured and unstructured text
  • Storing and analyzing spatial and textual metadata
  • Performance tuning with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Creating illustrative geospatial visualizations


  • Efficiently build high-impact applications alongside analysts
  • Decompose ABI analyst workflow into technical requirements
  • Refine and improve ABI applications as mission evolves
  • Navigate IT and security constrained technical environments
  • Implementing query strategies that enable correlation analysis
  • Visualizing Patterns of Life (PoL) at scale
  • Rapid development of novel ETL techniques
  • Data modeling and multi-source ontology development
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